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Pure Erotic Massage Touch Feel Arouse

Pure Erotic Massage: Touch*Feel*Arouse

Pure Erotic Massage: Touch*Feel*Arouse

Product By Duncan Baird

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  • ISBN13: 9781844834808
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Product Description

The art of massage has been used for thousands of years to enhance sexual pleasure—and now partners can find out what they’ve been missing! Go on a journey through the traditional practices and find out how to use the Tantric Touch to enhance the spiritual connection alongside the sexual. This manual is packed with techniques and visualizations to transport you to realms of uncharted pleasure, including a tantalizing burst of water stimulation, the intricacies of G-spot massage, and the mysterious sensations from a silk scarf or soft brush. With photography and a special double-page feature in each chapter to give ideas for creative massage sequences, this guide is sure to spice up your sex life!